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tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla
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Brand Name (Generic) Type of Pain
(Duloxetine hydrochloride) depression and neuropathic pain
Dilantin (Phenytoin) dysesthesias (unpleasant sensation), most commonly trigeminal neuralgia (facial pain)
Elavil (Amitriptyline) paresthesias in the arms and legs (e.g., burning sensations, pins and needles, stabbing pains)
Klonopin; Rivotril
(Clonazepam) tremor, pain, and spasticity
Neurontin (Gabapentin) dysesthesias and the pain caused by spasticity
Pamelor; Aventyl
(Nortriptyline) paraesthesias in the arms and legs
Tegretol (Carbamazepine) shock-like pain, such as trigeminal neuralgia
Tofranil (Imipramine) neurologic pain

Managing Pain Through Rehabilitation
If pain is caused by musculoskeletal dysfunction, a physical therapist can devise a program which may include strengthening and stretching exercises, practicing proper positioning, and compensatory techniques, such as bracing or use of an assistive device, to prevent awkward or excessive use of joints or muscles.
More on Managing MS Through Rehabilitation

Learn about Physical Therapy (PT)

Find a Treatment Location near you

Staying Active
Self-help may play an important role in pain control, for people who stay active and maintain positive attitudes are often able to reduce the impact of pain on their quality of life. Learn more about healthy living with MS

Research: News and Current Funded Projects

Researchers Report On Study Of Marijuana-Derived Drug In Treating MS Pain

“Effect of opiates on autoimmunity associated with MS” (Alvin Beitz, PhD) Exploring pain in MS and its possible relationship to underlying disease activity, in order to develop treatments that may address both this symptom and MS itself.

“The effectiveness of reflexology in the management of pain in MS” (Andrea Lowe-Strong, PhD) Conducting a clinical trial of a complementary therapy to determine if it can relieve pain in people with MS.

Types of MS-related Pain
Trigeminal Neuralgia Excruciating, sharp, shock-like pain in cheek and forehead, lasting seconds to minute
Tonic Spasms Brief muscle twitching or sudden, sharp muscle spasm; may also burn or tingle
Paroxysmal Limb Pain Painful burning, aching, or itching of any part of the body. More common in the legs
Headache Migraine, tension, or cluster headache types
Optic Neuritis Ice-pick like eye pain
Dysesthetic Extremity Pain Chronic burning, tingling, tightness, or pins-and-needles feelings; a dull warm aching; worse at night and after exercise, aggravated by temperature and weather
Spasms Muscle cramping, pulling and pain
Musculo-Skeletal Pain Caused by the physical stress of immobility. Physician should first rule out spinal disc disease
Iatrogenic Pain Pain caused by MS treatment, such as steroid-induced osteoporosis, interferon side-effects, injection site reactions
Secondary pain of MS symptoms Pain associated with pressure sores, stiff joints, muscle contractures, urinary retention, urinary tract infection, other infections
Emotional Pain People living with MS may feel disbelief, fear, anger, depression, and guilt.
Learn more about MS and your emotions


Mayo Clinic on Chronic Pain
by David W. Swanson, MD, Mayo Clinic
Order through Amazon.com
Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired: Living with Invisible Chronic Illness, 2nd Edition
by Paul J. Donoghue, Mary Elizabeth Siegel

am gasit aceste informatii pe net.si eu am sm am descoperit o saptamana trecuta dar cine stie de cand o am......oricum americanii fac treaba buna si au mai multe medicamente ca noi romanii.....la voi cum a debutat boala?la mine cu amorteli in mana stanga apoi dreapta,vertij,nevrita optica. va trebui sa merg la bucuresti pentru a incepe tratamentul.eu sunt din brasov mai este careva din bv?va doresc multa sanatate si sa aveti credinta in DUMNEZEU multa !!!

27-07-2006 05:40 PM
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Sunt nou venita pe acest site. Vreau sa povestesc si eu despre mine. Am 35 ani si am aceasta bolala din 1993.
Boala a fost cumplita la inceput dupa care mi-am revenit. Cumplita deoarece am fost foarte speriata.
Nu stiam atunci nimic despre aceasta boala.
Primul RMN am facut in 2004 cand mi s-a confirmat boala.
In 1999 m-am casatorit si in 2000 am nascut o minunata fetita. Sarcina a decurs foarte normal, fara probleme si dupa aia era foarte bine. Eram doar obosita dar boala s-a comportat bine.
Dupa nastere, cam peste un an am avut un puseu. Sunt bine doar ca am probleme cu echilibrul, s-a urc scarile mi-e greu.
As avea foarte multe sa va povestesc dar important e(revenind la subiect) eu in timpul sarcinii m-am simtit super , si acum daca o privesc pe fetita mea ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca o am deoarece uit de toate problemele mele si sunt foarte fericita ca o am si E SANATOASA.

Va doresc numai bine si sanatate .


01-11-2006 11:21 AM
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Buna! si eu sunt interesata de subiect...cu toate ca inca nu sunt casatorita, dar imi doresc sa am un copil. cand am inceput tratamentul cu rebif, primul lucru pe care mi l-a interzis medicul a fost acela de a ramane insarcinata. nu pt ca eu i-as dauna lui in vreun fel, ci sarcina mi-ar dauna mie. de multe ori boala este declansata in momentul nasterii, pt ca travaliul si ce urmeaza presupun un maximum efort din partea noastra, temperatura corpului crescand foarte mult. si noi stim ca temperatura ridicata ne dauneaza! (se rezolva totusi prin cezariana). iar ca sa raman insarcinata trebuie sa intrerup tratamentul cu 6 luni inainte de a face pasul.... dar eu cred ca merita orice sacrificiu.
numai bine si copii sanatosi!!

09-01-2007 07:01 PM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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30-06-2022 12:13 AM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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02-07-2022 02:25 PM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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02-07-2022 09:26 PM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

Synthroid (levothyroxine) is prescribed for the treatment of hypothyroidism and myxedema (a rare illness in which an overgrowth of the thyroid gland causes weight gain and a lack of energy). It may also be used to treat certain cases of thyroid cancer.
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03-07-2022 04:57 PM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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11-07-2022 03:04 AM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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13-07-2022 04:59 PM
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RE: tinere mamice cu scleroza multipla

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22-07-2022 02:21 PM
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